Welcome to my blog! Below are my latests stories about my adventures riding my motorcycle (mostly around the Salt Lake Valley in UT). Above are links to all kinds of information. Be sure to check out my "Ride routes" and my Calendar if you'd like to join in on ride.

Has it been 4 years or 20?

That day they told us to work from home on Friday to "test" our business plan. We never went back. We are still almost 2 years later not back in the office full time, but are slowly trickling back in. For a while the office was like a time capsule, items left on desks untouched and forgotten. Messages on whiteboards, plants, dishes, snacks all frozen, a reminder of what once was, office life frozen in time. A reminder that we never imagined what was coming, that we wouldn't return to these desks for almost 2 years.

Yellowstone 2017: Day 2- Road to Beartooth

We all eventually meandered back to the bikes, and waited for the rest of the group to join us. Having taken a decent break and stretched our legs, we were ready to head on up road and get to Beartooth. We stopped at Tower Junction for a few minutes and were finally on our way. The Northeastern Entrance road travels along the Lamar River which creates a truly gorgeous setting. The water is dark, but fast moving indicated by the white caps as the water ebbs and flows. It is truly what you think of when you think of a perfect wilderness and you just expect to see wildlife gingerly walking through the trees, or bathing in the water. Unfortunately, today there was no wildlife to be seen, but we had our own type of excitement.

Yellowstone 2017: Day 1

The road from Logan was hot, boring and slow. By the time we got to the next gas station, I was in a foul mood. Hot, tired and with a wicked case of "swass" I was ready to attack anyone that got in my way. I made a beeline into the gas station, chugged a cup of ice water and headed to the bathroom. I felt better after cooling off, but was still annoyed, and anxious to get to the next stop. Luckily, it seemed I wasn't the only one who was ready to get to Idaho Falls and stop for lunch, so it wasn't long before we got back on the road.

Alive and Back on 2 Wheels

Apologies for the absence, it's been a busy few months that included a move, new tires, and luckily for you (and me of course) a few adventures. So for now I'm back in the weekly groove. So be on the lookout for new posts and some incredible photos.

The Swell… and beyond

We awoke just after 6:00 am, just as the sun was brightening the sky. I yawned, turned off my alarm, and paused unwilling to disturb the warm cocoon we had created for ourselves. But curiosity compelled me to move. I sat up unzipped our door, the rain fly and poked my head out into the chilly desert morning. I was speechless. For as far as I could see were twisty curves of layered rock set against the violet clouds, and highlighted by the sun pushing through the clouds. Behind me Tamara asked how it looked. I couldn’t even begin to describe it. I took a deep breath, and attempted to speak. All I managed was a quiet laugh, and on second attempt all I managed were the words “Oh, Tamara”. She seemed to understand, I heard her sit up and soon enough she was leaning over my shoulder taking our view.