Losing my Lid

Earlier this month my helmet was stolen. My beautiful, gorgeous, and yet still somehow badass helmet was lifted off my bike, and disappeared. Clearly this is partially my fault for leaving it on my bike, but I just never really thought that a helmet, let alone a PINK helmet would up and walk off. At any rate, I knew better, but it doesn’t mean it sucks any less. I have been combing pawn shops (some of them are incredibly sleazy) as well as Craigslist and the local paper’s classifieds, I even posted on reddit, but to no avail. I don’t even really want it back, I mean who knows what has happened to it, but the other part of me REALLY doesn’t want to buy another helmet.
My sweet helmet (and matching gloves)

My sweet helmet (and matching gloves)

HJC CS-R2 Storm MC 8

HJC CS-R2 Storm MC 8: The Side







Initially I was going to go out and buy the same helmet. So I headed off to my favorite motorcycle shop, Wright’s, and started looking. I went up to the front counter and asked if they could order it. Sadly I found out HJC has discontinued the “Storm”. I spent 3 weeks looking for another helmet style I like; buying a helmet is such a big commitment. You want to buy something nice, something comfortable, something you like, or you’ll never wear it… or want to anyway. I wanted something comfortable, flashy but not too “girly” and something under $200, though anything $150 or less was ideal.

After three weeks (thankfully, the three weeks of rain), I had narrowed it down to the GMax GM 67, which is an open face that converts to a full face, and the Speed and Strength Killer Queen SS1500. The GMax is so innovative, and has some cool features including a spot for a light that wirelessly attaches to your brakes, so your helmet will light up when you apply your brakes. I wasn’t impressed with the look of them however. They only come in solid colors or the ones they market towards chicks are covered in flowers and butterflies.

LET’S GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT:Just because I’m a chick, I don’t need or want butterflies or flowers on my helmet. I don’t want that stupid pastel pink that SO MUCH gear comes in. I want a helmet that is both badass and feminine. Which may seem like an oxymoron to some people, but I know plenty of women who exude both qualities and our gear should too.

After a some debating and much consulting, I decided to go with the SS1500. It had some amazing features, and I LOVED the design (not to mention that padding!!). I also felt that in a crash the Full face from Speed and Strength would hold up better than the GMax convertible.

I checked a few stores that carry the S&S helmets, no one had the “Killer Queen: in stock, but I tried on a SS1500 (which was good because I normally wear a medium, but needed a large). The helmet finally arrived on Friday. I was ecstatic, couldn’t wait to go out with my new helmet. I rode everyday this weekend and I love it. It fits surprisingly well, better that any of my other three helmets. The shape is perfect and while the cheek pads are a little tight I just have to break them in. The design is beautiful and I LOVE the color on the cheek pads. The Drop Visor is a little hard to drop down but springs right back. On Sunday I had to buy some sunglasses b/c the DVD wasn’t enough riding east into the morning sun, but otherwise it works well.

All in all I really like the the SS1500 by Speed and Strength. It’s well made and a fun looking helmet made for women with out using pink… AT ALL. Fascinating. *wink

SS1500 in Killer Queen by Speed and Strength

GM67 convertible by GMax


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