Sunday Mass with the Litas and SCB

This weekend’s ride was a “Sunset Sunday Mass” out to Black Rock with the Lita’s and Salt City Builds. I was excited to ride with the Litas again and finally meet the SCB group, I’ve been following them on Instagram for months!! (Salt City Builds’ Instagram is actually how I found the Lita’s). The plan for this Sunday Mass was to meet at SCB around 5, leaving the shop at 6 and head out to Black Rock. If you want to view the actual route click here.

I showed up around 5:30 having gotten lost trying to find the shop. I knew I’d found it when I saw no less than 30 bikes parked every which way in the parking lot. As I pulled I tried to figure out the organization; where I should park. It quickly became apparent there was no organization and I should park wherever the hell I could get my bike. I was feeling pretty happy and excited at first, then I took off my helmet and my typical social anxiety kicked in. Only a few people had glanced up when I pulled in, so I wasn’t feeling judged, but I realized, I knew none of these people and they all seemed to know each other; I was very aware that I’d just pulled up to a garage/shop I’d never been to alone, not really knowing anyone. I put my helmet down, and started to arrange my things. Just as I was about to bury my attention into my phone (since I was feeling terrified of socializing,) I heard a voice from the garage. “Hey Girl!” It was Jess from the Lita’s. I felt relieved, more like I belonged, and walked over to meet her. We chatted for a bit, and then I wandered over to Michelle, another Lita I had met on our last ride. I felt surprising comfortable, not like an outsider as I usually do in these situations, probably because everyone seemed so laid back, and the warm reception from both Michelle and Jessica.

Around 6, there was chatter of getting on our bikes, or “doing motorcycles”, but not many people moved. It was incredibly hot outside, so we were all a bit reluctant to go gear up and hop on our bikes that were basking in the sun. Slowly people began to mosy outside, so I headed out to start getting ready for the ride. After checking my bags were secure, and strapping my jacket to the back, I cautiously slid onto my bike, trying to cool down the seat made molten by the sun. As more people started finding their bikes, I pulled on my helmet, and put on my gloves. I was in no hurry to leave, but hate being one of the last ones ready and feeling like people are waiting on me. It was 6:10. A few bikes left to get gas, and a few stragglers were still pulling up. I looked around and about a third of the bikes were still unoccupied. I leaned back to get comfy, again feeling a bit self-conscious sitting there in my full face ready to go.

Just before 6:20 people began turning their bikes on and positioning themselves in the street indicating they were READY to go. The last few people hurried to their bikes as the rest of us maneuvered every which way so we could head out. The group was so large, I’m not even really sure what the final number of bikes was, but needless to say it was impressive. We headed out on 201, all the way to the end. With all the lights the group had gotten a bit split up, so we pulled into a viewing area off I-80 to regroup. (We really stopped because we were “lost”, we missed the turn” but it was nice to regroup.)

June Mass Credit: Instagram  @motocollab

Bikes lined up at I-80 viewing area 06/14/2015 Photo Credit: Instagram @motocollab

Once everyone we were all lined up, we moved out and continued down I-80 to Tooele (too-il-a), and turned around. We took the first left and turned into a gas station parking lot drive and out the other. There were so many bikes it felt like an elaborate real life game of snake. We got back on I-80, and headed back to the lake. We exited towards the Saltair and ended up at the Marina, where we parked and sat. (Seth went off in search of the road to Black rock and returned after a bit advising that it was down a dirt road.) People broke out cans of beer and cigarettes. We stayed at the Marina for a while, chatting. There was much discussion of the previous night’s “Dirty Rat” party which I am sad I missed because it sounds pretty epic. There was a bike toss, and apparently a moto bonfire. (Sounds legit right?) Anyway I mostly sat and listened, made a comment here and there, mostly just enjoying the stories, music, and weather. Eventually it was time to go and much like leaving the shop it took a while to get everyone on the same page. A few people left on their own, they had other things to do that night. We left around 7:45 amid a beautiful sunset.

June Mass Photo Credit Instagram @motocollab

Motorcycles as far as the eye can see! 06/14/15 Photo Credit: Instagram @motocollab

Back on the highway, I found that my bike can’t keep up with some of those bigger engines, or rather I don’t accelerate as fast, and while playing catch up, Bubba started shaking, so I had to allow myself to fall back. Eventually I caught up, once they caught up with traffic. Again there were a bunch of us and even though some people had headed out on their own, our group was still pretty impressive. Mark (@motocollab) rode ahead to get some sweet photos of our line of bikes (see above).

Once we returned to SCB, it was time for the barbecue. Having Sunday Mass at Sunset was really perfect because the heat was breaking and it was perfect. We all sat around enjoying Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and each other’s company for at least an hour before people started heading out to prepare for the looming Monday while the rest made plans to go see “Jurassic World” at a local theater. It was truly a perfect ending to fun (though hot) weekend. I’m excited to get to ride with this group again and get to know everyone a little bit better.


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