Whiskey Wednesday at the Garage on Beck

Whiskey Wednesday


So last Wednesday night I headed to Whiskey Wednesday at the Garage on Beck, I finally went to check it out after hearing about it from Jessica. Since I left my bike on ALL day Tuesday the battery was D.E.A.D. I was a little sad to not be able to ride, but s**t happens right? After getting my bike situated to charge the battery, I headed out in my cage.

View of the Garage from Victory

View of the Garage from Victory, Daytime

The Garage is a small place in the center of an industrial area. Indeed it is surrounded by oil refineries. It is a wooden building that really emanates a feeling of the “Old West”. Prior to being “The Garage” it was a bar called the Jimax (opened in the 1960’s), and prior to that “the building served several different incarnations of a garage from the mid 1940’s – 1960’s.” I’ve been told to go by many people but never felt terribly comfortable checking it out until last night. In fact the only time I’ve ever been to the Garage, I stopped long enough to park and step inside before deciding to leave, because I was alone. When I walked in there was a handful of people at the bar, and I immediately felt I didn’t belong, so I left.


The Garage at Night

This time I was determined to check it out, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon my arrival I became anxious remembering the first time I had stopped and wondering why I didn’t bring friends. I gathered my thoughts, got out of the car and took a few moments to admire all the bikes out front. I recognized a few of the bikes from Instagram, since I now follow so many local riders. (One of the first one’s I spotted belongs to @boltsaction. I really love it.) Seeing “familiar” bikes helped calm my nerves, but the nagging voice in the back of my headed reminded me that I might know the bike, but I don’t know the riders. After I finished admiring the bikes, I pushed myself to head inside. I could hear the lively tones of bluegrass coming from the patio, and I was intrigued. I opened the wooden door and strolled in.

The Bar at the Garage on Beck

The inside of the Garage on Beck, the entry door can be seen on the right of the photo

Upon walking in I took a deep breath, this time only a few heads turned when I entered the bar, so I didn’t feel so much like an outsider. I took a moment to appreciate the decor as I walked further into the room. After showing my ID to the bartender, I turned and headed through the large open garage door that filled he entire bar to fill with the cool night air and led to the patio.

The patio was full of people talking, eating and drinking. I was still slightly intimidated and wanted to get a feel for this place so I sat at the first table past the door. After a few moments, I felt like I was sitting in a corner and moved closer in. I found a table off to the side next to a little stream and some guys that looked a bit familiar.

After a few minutes I realized that one of the guys was @boltsaction and the other was @lekkacycle. I was intrigued, and thought about introducing myself, but felt like a weird fan girl, so I just sat there and listened to the band. After about a 1/2 hour, the band took a break and I got up to walk around. Decided to leave and go back next week earlier and with some friends. Excited!!


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