Riding in a group? or Alone?

I struggle between wanting to ride alone, and wanting to ride with some friends. On one hand I really like group rides (small groups of 3-4), but I don’t have the same kind of control. I can’t stop to take a photo of gorgeous scenery, or take a quick break. I have to ride with the group and wait with the group, not something I’ve ever really been fond of. Sometimes I get pretty anxious just waiting around at a gas station while everyone smokes and chats, I just want to get back on the road. But I do love the company and security that comes with a group.

I really want to do this ride and take photos but I REALLY don’t want to go alone because a lot of it are less traveled, dirt roads miles from any town. What to do, what to do?

What do you prefer?


3 thoughts on “Riding in a group? or Alone?

  1. Don’t really have a preference for either. One bike or several hundred, any excuse to go for a ride. The only thing I don’t like about group rides is as you pointed out I miss so many picture opportunities! I’ve got a couple rides I have been meaning to blog about but have a lot of gas station / bar stop pics to show for them. Solo rides I can stop whenever. Prolly the reason I’ll eventually get a helmet cam. So I can at least post screen caps.


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