Weekend ride

This weekend is set to be busy. I was expecting to go with the SLMC to Huntington Canyon on Sunday, but turns out Sunday Mass is this weekend, so looks like I’ll be busy.

I really want to get out and take some photos though. I need to head back out to Wolf Creek Pass, Monte Cristo, and maybe Johnson’s pass to do so. I also need to take a trip down Mirror Lake Highway, but one at a time.

Below is the ride I’m planning on this week. Lots of Canyon roads, minimal highway, and a stop at an awesome reservoir complete with cliff jumping that I’ve always wanted to go to. I’d love to have some company, but I will be making random stops for photos… but I also don’t want to be gone ALL DAY. So I’ll be quick. I plan to leave no later than 8:15 from the Chevron start location on the map. Hoping to be at Causey by noon, might buy food to take and eat there, or stop at Red Cliff Cafe. Might stop at the Shooting Star on the way home.

Hopefully I’ll have some friends to ride with!! Meet me at the Chevron on the map, KSU 8:15 AM!!

Weekend Ride 07.25.15, -SLC to Coalville, Evanston, through Monte Cristo, stop at Causey Reservoir, and back to SLC

CauseyCliff jumping
Red Cliff Ranch Cafe


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