Ridin’ in Style

So I bought a new helmet recently. A Biltwell Bonanza in the silver MegaFlake, which is a retro style open face, with a large flake silver glitter paint job. I still have the Speed and Strength Full Face I bought earlier this summer, but I’ve been wanting an open face or halfie. I was at Redwood Custom’s bike night, and the entire store was 40% off. So it seemed like the perfect time to get a new helmet.

I’ve had the helmet for less than a week and I love it. When I ride with that helmet on, I feel more in control, more in tune with my bike, I take turns tighter, and feel more confident when maneuvering. Not sure if it’s the wind in my face or what, but I love it. It makes it really hard to not smile, which creates a problem when there is crap flying in my face. Haha

The other thing I love about it is seeing the reactions, and knowing that it’s pretty hard to ignore. I love the idea of someone seeing me riding down the road and smiling. I love the idea of bringing a little bit of happiness to someone; of reminding them not to take life too seriously. I also secretly hope that I inspire some people to get out and what they love. That I’m out there doing what I love, living in the moment and they should too. That might seem silly or incredibly narcissistic, but I love it.

Here’s a pic I snapped this AM when I arrived at work:


Required for the Ride: Gloves

This morning, I woke up, got dressed, and geared up. It wasn’t until I was sitting on the bike that I realized I’d forgotten my gloves. Frustrated, I headed back in the house to search for them. After 10 minutes of looking and still not being able to find any of my gloves (I have 3 pair) I decided that my back-up pair must be in my saddle bags (since they weren’t in my travel backpack.) They were not. Annoyed and already late for work I decided I would ride without them and buy a new pair on the way home. (My old mechanix are almost worn through.)

I have never ridden with out gloves on, at least not more than a mile or two and I did not like it. I’ve never felt so naked while riding. Feeling the open air on my hands, the rubber on the grips, and the hard steel of the clutch and brake under my hands was foreign and surprisingly unpleasant.

Mostly I always wear gloves for safety, when falling, people tend to try to catch themselves, so gloves have always been a requirement. As it turns out it’s not just that I need them but prefer them as well.

Guess I’ll definitely be stopping to buy gloves ASAP… Luckily a nearby shop is having a bike night!! (maybe I’ll get another pair of actual riding gloves! ;-D )

Modeling with Motorcycles.

I’ve been a little absent again, but that’s because I’ve been so busy doing photo shoots (yes, photo shoots, they were with the Litas) and working OT to make up for the hours I’m going to miss on my trip to Vegas this week.

The first photoshoot was for an article on the Lita’s that Mark Weaver is writing for Ninety Nine Co “a collective of custom motorcycle culture covering news, events, rides and interviews with influential people across the globe.” The other was for the Women’s Moto Exhibit with the Highway Runaways. If you haven’t heard of these women you really should look them up. They just completed a month long ride across country, meeting and riding with women riders. They gathered stories from women across the country to put into the exhibit in Vancouver Sept 5-7.

I’ll post more about them later. Happy Monday!!!