Riding Style

The Litas on Guardsman's Pass, Utah. Photo by  Jun Song

The Litas on Guardsman’s Pass, Utah. Photo by Jun Song

This summer I have spent a significant amount of time on my bike. I have met an incredible amount of people and have integrated myself into the “moto-scene” here in Salt Lake. It has truly been an amazing and fun summer.

I have become a “better” if not more aggressive rider. Riding with larger groups of mostly Harley riders has forced me to alter my riding style and to push my limits. I have noticed that I shift at higher speeds, and have started scraping my pegs on turns, something I haven’t done since my first season. I have also done a fair amount of off-roading this year, both intentionally and not, and have become more comfortable handling bumps and dips than I was. I feel confident and powerful when riding down the road. I find that this feeling makes riding more enjoyable. I’m happy I’m finally so confident, but I know that this feeling is what breeds careless mistakes. Still taking necessary precautions, and keeping my eyes open for hazards, but loving the feeling of flying.


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I love riding I-15. So many hate interstates, but the strech between SLC and Ogden is one of my favorites. ▫

It's simple and easy, I can relax and let my mind wander, with enough scenery, traffic, construction to keep me on my toes. Sometimes it's a battle sometimes a Sunday stroll. I mark the ride not only with landmarks, but with familiar and guaranteed cold spots and scents. I love the changes and the constants, the feeling that I'm getting out of the city without ever being far from any convenience. The time spent on this road has changed me, forced me to truly look at myself, examine my motives, thoughts and decisions. It has made me a better more stable person. I had forgotten how cathartic it can be. #i15 #lovestory #motorcycle #clearmyhead #badweekend #windtherapy #rideordie #theroadtosunset

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