The Litas

The Litas

So it’s about time that I wrote about the Litas. Who or what are the Litas?

“An international network of babes who share a love for the open road and two wheeled machines. We all have different backgrounds, interests, jobs, lives, but find common ground when we cruise the canyons, scraping pavement and letting go of all inhibitions.”

I got involved in the Lita’s in April. Unbeknownst to me they were still a fledgling organization. The Lita’s were started in December by Jessica Haggett and a few of her friends. Since April I’ve gotten to know these ladies and we have done some really fun stuff. Not only have we gone on rides all across the valley, but we’ve done photo shoots for articles, and the Women’s Moto Exhibit, been invited to exclusive events, and had great times camping. (Next month many of us will be attending Babes Ride Out.)

Not only has the Lita’s given me a group to ride with but has made me feel better, more confident about being a woman rider. It’s nice to have woman who are my age, that have the same interests as me that also enjoy riding. I’ve never had many female friends because I never felt like I had much in common with them, I’m an odd combination of independent, strong and girly at the same time. I’ve met so many women that also walk that line, that understand just because you’re beautiful doesn’t mean you can’t be respected. We’re a very diverse group of women with our own lives, interests and paths, but that sentiment, that feeling brings us together, unites us.

Since joining in April I have attended as many events as possible. It’s been great to have a group to ride with. The Lita’s have introduced me to some incredibly inspiring women like Lanakila McNaughton the woman behind the Women’s Moto Exhibit and Ashmore one of the organizers for Babes Ride Out.

One of the best things I’ve gotten out of this summer is new friends with whom to ride, feeling like I’m part of an amazing community of strong women. That is something that a lot of women crave. Women and men look to the Lita’s as trend setters and on a regular basis ladies are commenting how inspiring we are on Instagram. What’s been really astonishing is how fast the Lita’s have grown, yet again proving how much women are yearning to connect and not join, but truly to create this community. In August the Lita’s started accepting requests to create other chapters. The only requirement is that there be three ladies in the same geographic area that ride. In 1 month, the Lita’s had grown from a group of 40+ ladies in Salt Lake to an international organization with chapters in 34 cities in 6 countries. It has been absolutely incredible to watch the expansion of the Lita’s and know that not only do we all share a love of two wheels on the open road, but to know that there were this many women, all over the world who jumped at the chance to join us.

All in all it’s an interesting feeling being a part of this, getting to know other women who share a passion of riding. Young, fun women as opposed to the older more misogynistic groups of men (and some women) that I had previously experienced, and that are more stereotypical of motorcycle culture. It’s exhilarating and intimidating to feel as though we are on the forefront of something much larger than ourselves, something novel and groundbreaking, something that changes perceptions, smashes those stereotypes and pushes the boundaries of what it means to be women on a motorcycle.

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One thought on “The Litas

  1. Great post. Many articles I’ve read authors have posted how much they don’t like riding with groups. Glad to see you’re posting in the opposite direction. Reading the last couple on your blog though I keep seeing at the pics and think, “Hey look, she forgot her gloves too.”


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