Winter is coming!!!! Weekend Ride: Mirror Lake

***Editor’s Note: I wrote this just under a month ago, and for some reason didn’t post it.***

As you may well know, Fall is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Utah, we’re having a pretty standard Fall, you know one week it’s warm, the next it’s cold and a few days later it’s downright hot. Either way the leaves are changing and there’s no denying that in no time it will be time to hide our two-wheeled loves away for the long winter. I’ve been in denial (as many have) relying on the fact that the warm weather is only a few days away, even as the leaves change and fall to the ground, even with the increasingly chilly nights and early mornings. This weekend however, I was forced to face the truth.

Follow me down, UT-150: Mirror Lake Highway…(Click to read more)