I Ride For Me, Not You

It has snowed a lot this week. I’m sorry a metric shit-ton (for those of you that would like an actual measurement.) Anyway, the snow has sparked a good many thoughts such as: Why did I choose to live here? When will it stop? How long until summer? And of course, on the rare day it sneaks above freezing and isn’t snowing: Time to ride? The answer to that question is almost always no, and for a myriad of reasons including the fact that it’s still freaking cold.

Many people who live here take pride in riding all winter, not letting the freezing temperatures stop them and wear it like a badge of pride. To each their own, I’m glad that they are doing what makes them happy and there is no judgement from this girl. I, however, am more than happy to hibernate, and winterize my bike. My beautiful baby is currently in under a full cover, somewhere amongst the pile of snow I’ve tirelessly shoveled from my driveway. Many of my friends anticipate that I’ll be out riding soon. I suppose that’s because they see me as a hardcore rider, but they are wrong. I have no intention of bringing my bike out for at least another month (if not two). And, I am proud of that.

I have nothing to prove, I have no need or desire to get out and ride in the dead of winter. Does that make me less of a rider? Nope, it really doesn’t, and if you think it does, maybe you need to adjust your own priorities. I ride my ass off in summer time. I get out and explore, and that is good enough. I don’t want to put on 5 layers just to stay alive on my bike. I don’t need to take out my two wheels on days that it’s dicey to drive on four. I. Have. Nothing. To. Prove.

For me it’s a thing of pride to be satisfied enough with my riding season that I can put my two wheels away for 3-5 months, and still be happy. Maybe it all comes back to my philosophy of riding: Ride for yourself. Don’t ride because someone else wants you to. Don’t do it to impress others. Do it for yourself.

This mentality is really freeing, and honestly, motorcycles kind of lend themselves to this because even with a passenger, riding is essentially a solo activity. You’re in control of the bike, of your safety, your ride. With the advent of bluetooth communicators, like Senas, it’s becoming more social. But for the most part it’s all about you, your bike and the road.

Maybe one day I’ll live somewhere that I won’t “have” to hibernate, but for now I like having at least a little break. It makes the days I can ride even better; I appreciate them more. That having been said, there are only 53 days until Spring.


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