Summer Plans: Guide to an Epic Summer Full of Adventure

Last week we had a warm couple of days come through, and between the higher temperature and a weekend full of parties with my riding friends, it was enough to kick out of my “Winter is stupid, and I’m not going to ride until it’s warm” mindset. For example, Monday morning I woke up and it was 50 degrees (the high was around 60), and so I geared up and rode the one mile to work.  All day I wanted to leave work and rip up the canyons. As soon as 4:30 hit, I ran out of work and hopped on Braden, but the black clouds blowing in from the East, made me think better of a long ride, so I just rode over to Salt City Builds to chat with the boys there. (It was a good thing I did. I only stayed for about 30 minutes, and as I arrived home it started to spinkle and quickly turned to hail.)

So now I am ready to plan summer. Not just because I need to map out my PTO, but I want to ensure that I take full advantage of the warm season, and go on as many adventures as possible. There are many destinations within a short ride from Salt Lake that I’ve never seen, and it’s about time I do.

Summer Ride Goals

    1. Zion National Park 
    2. Bryce Canyon
    3. The Little Grand Canyon/Goblin Valley, maybe tube the San Rafael…
    4. At least one ghost town (maybe camping weekend)- ThistleFriscoGraftonOsiris, or Skinwalker Ranch (you can’t actually go there, but seriously freaky)
    5. Complete an Iron Butt— I-70/I-80 loop
    6. Wolf Creek/Mirror Lake loop to the Evanston Beer Fest
    7. Grand Staircase/Natural Bridges National Monuments
    8. Bonneville Salt Flats
    9. Capitol Reef
    10. ———————————optional———————————–

    11. Dinosaur National Monument
    12. Flaming Gorge
    13. Lake Powell
    14. Actually SEE the Grand Canyon… maybe I’ll tell that story next week
    15. Beartooth Pass
    16. Death Valley

    I also am planning on doing at least one event, either Dream Roll or Babes Ride Out… or maybe both? Clearly there are plenty of things on my to-do list. Some of them can all be completed on one trip, especially if I took a few days off. Honestly though, the only way I can see/complete all these things is by taking full advantage of my weekends.

    Last summer people seemed amazed at the amount I travelled, and asked me things such as, “Do you ever work?” or “How do you get that much time off work?” The thing is I have a full time job and only get 10 days of PTO, so I have to use them wisely. Last year by the end of August I had only taken 3 full days off, and two were for my (5 day) birthday trip to Jackson/Yellowstone. I had also been to Motos in Moab, attended a weekend long music festival, and attempted my Iron Butt. Not to mention all the camping trips…. What most people didn’t realize is I was able to do these things and not take any time off work by packing up the bike and leaving straight from work. On any regular day I leave work at 4:30, but occasionally I can swing it to leave as early 2pm on Friday without using any PTO. I’ve found this is the best way to travel especially on a 3-day weekend.

    Of course, living in a city, the earlier you can leave the better, or as I did when I attempted my Iron Butt, wait to leave town until traffic dies down (that trip I left at 3AM, but could’ve left earlier). You can also look for alternative routes, which on a motorcycle is preferable anyway. Salt Lake also provides so many adventures, that are close enough they can be done in one day. Not only do these make it look like you’re travelling more, but allows you to feed that wanderlust while still allowing you to stick around and complete all your adulty responsibilities. As expected, I have a few of those I want to do as well.

    Other Adventures/Weekend Activities

    1. Timpanogos Cave
    2. Gigal Gardens
    3. Bear River National Monument
    4. Ice Pillar in Paris Ice Cave
    5. Hike/backpack Lake Blanche
    6. Mount Olympus
    7. Little Moab
    8. Aqua-Zone, the water park at Jordanelle
    9. ——————-Places I’ve been but will probably go again—————————

    10. Spiral Jetty/Golden Spike National Monument
    11. Antelope Island
    12. Causey Reservoir— maybe hike in and camp? 
    13. Huntsville/Shooting Star
    14. Devil’s Slide
    15. The abandoned Sinclair
    16. Wasatch Mountain State Park

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