Hug Your Baby Tonight

As the weather warms, there are many things to consider, including where we’re going, what we’re doing, and what we need to do to get on the road. But we should also be aware of the things we have keeping our bikes in our possession, and if we maybe need to update out security. As the weather warms, so will thefts, of our property (like helmets or items in our saddlebags), but also of our actual bikes. One of my friends just had her bike stolen for the THIRD time. In her defense, after the 2nd time, she added a key for the ignition (previously a push button) and moved to a building with a locked garage. But it has been stolen yet again. A few weeks ago, I walked out of my house and discovered that my cover had been disturbed, lifted of the headlight, and the pipes. I’m still not sure why my bike wasn’t stolen, but am thankful to not have walked out to an empty space where my bike normally sits.

There are many ways to secure your bike, and while most of them can be bypassed by a determined thief, they serve as a deterrent to the lazy, unprepared, or an individual taking advantage of an oppurtunity. Nothing is foolproof and as my friend says, locks only serve to “keep honest people honest”. But they also buy you time. Time to be caught on camera, or spooked by a passerby, or serve as too much of a problem for the thief. I personally feel that living on such a busy street may be why my bike was bypassed, or possibly because it wasn’t a Sportster, but we’ll never know. I am lucky my bike wasn’t taken out of my driveway, but it scared me enough to by a lock for my handlebars. One that holds my back brake tight so it can’t easily be rolled onto a trailer. There are plenty of options out there, but I liked that one because it’s easily portable.

Another great option that I saw thrown around today, and that I though about last year, was the Tile key fobs. They can be hidden on an item, and if it’s stolen, you can track it through the Tile network. Tiles are located using an app on your phone, and if yours is out of range of your phone, you set up an alert. If your Tile comes within range of any device with the app running, you will be alerted of its location. It’s one of the best options since LoJack has stopped selling a product for motorcycles. It also costs less than a LoJack subscription.

At any rate people, the cost of an anti-theft product is well worth it, better than the stress of a stolen bike, and much better than the cost of replacing it. Be safe, ride safe, and lock up your bike. I hate for anyone to have to go through te pain of your pride and joy being taken from you.  And in other news if you see the bike pictured below, contact the police.

STOLEN MOTORCYCLE in Salt Lake City. Went out to my garage and my bike is GONE. Yes this is the third fucking time (WTF?!?). PLEASE if you’re in SLC and see it call 911 and direct message me! 😭😭😭 license plate B64UW

A post shared by Jessica (@jessicahaggett) on Mar 14, 2017 at 1:15pm PDT


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