Sunday Ride: Fort Buenaventura 

I spent Saturday preparing for the “Headbanger’s Fireball” i.e. 80’s rock night at Keys so I didn’t get much riding in. So Sunday I woke up and wanted to find an adventure to ride to, and Fort Buenaventura sprang to mind. Fort Buenaventura is the “first anglo settlement in the Great Basin”. It is the site of weekly “Trader post” markets (on Saturday), hosts camping (in teepees!), and on special occasions the site of “Mountain Man” acitvities. A few weeks ago my friend, Aron, attempted to show me this little historical gem hidden in the heart of Ogden, but the road leading in was closed and while that normally wouldn’t have stopped us, there were a few cars at the bottom of the hill and we were not eager to find out who was in them. I looked up the fort online to see if there were any fees, or fun activities, but there didn’t seem to be anything going on and no fee associated with entry. So I text Aron to see if he wanted to join, he did, so geared up and headed north.

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SLC Litas Season Opener

April 15, 2017

Today is the day of our “Lita’s Season Opener”. It’s a short little ride from downtown Salt Lake to Nielsen’s in Bountiful because we weren’t sure what the weather would be like. Turns out today is supposed to be sunny and clear, and a high of 57. It’s still a little chilly for a big long ride, but it should be perfect for what we have planned. I’m going to see if I can make it as long/fun as possible. I’m thinking we should head up B street into City Creek Canyon, back down behind the capitol to Victory and on up to Btown. Maybe take Orchard Dr, but when I rode it last week the road was pretty worn down. This is the proposed route. Otherwise I think we should just take 89 all the way to Nielsen’s.

It’s exciting and little stressful, we’re expecting a fair amount of new girls, and I want to make sure we make them feel welcome. Before the Litas I was alone, I had very few friends that rode and ended up riding on my own for the most part. Since then, I have met so many people that ride, and gone on so many new adventures. I want to give that opportunity to other women, so I agreed to help plan rides and events for the SLC Litas. We’ve lost a number of girls in the past due to not having regular rides, and because some feel left out. It’s hard though; since we haven’t done events frequently, when we do get together, we all want to catch up with each other. But we all really want to meet new ladies, new women who want to ride and want to be involved. Today’s our shot to welcome new girls and add some new members.

**fingers crossed**
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My Best Self

Every time I get on my motorcycle could be my last. Hell, everyday on this Earth could be my last. People ask me why I do it, and sometimes honestly, I wonder myself. I’ll be on a trip when it’s raining or cold, and I’ll think, “Why do I even like doing this? Do I even like riding? What’s the point?” But really all the answers are right in front of me. 

My motorcycle has, pardon the expression, added life to my days. It has given me confidence, and taught me about who I am. It has helped me to find people that I admire, people that I look up to, people just like me. Motorcycling has shown me who I really am and at the end of the day has caused me to love myself, to “fall in love” with me. I have found my strength, and learned a lot about who I am. It has made me stronger, made me happier and it has made me happy with my life and all my life choices. There have been many, many years that have gone by when I have been depressed and questioned what I was doing with my life, why I took this job, why did I do this or that. I don’t do that so much anymore, and as dumb as it sounds it’s because of my motorcycle. It’s shown me who I really am, what I’m made of, my mettle, my strength.

So if I were to die tomorrow, of course it would be sad. But if I die on my motorcycle (or not), you can know that it’s OK, that not only did I die doing something I loved, but without it, my last few years wouldn’t have been what they were, they wouldn’t have been as full of life, happiness, and excitement. I wouldn’t have been as happy. So even if it’s what kills me, know that was worth it. Know that without this crazy, risky, awfully dangerous thing, that I do, I wouldn’t know who I am. I wouldn’t know how strong I can be. I wouldn’t have fully realized my true self. I’m not saying that a motorcycle is part of my true self and who I am, but it is and was a tool, that helps me everyday to realize what I’m made of, where I can and what I can do and it’s amazing.  

Take me down to Key West Part 3 of 4

This is the third part of my ill planned trip to Key West. Part 1 is about the trip through Miami, and Part 2 details the ride through the Keys and my night in Key West. En route to Key West I realized that it was President’s Day weekend, and all the surrounding areas were completely booked. I hadn’t been able to find a place to stay and had ended up falling asleep on my bike, on the side of the road in Stock Key.
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