WyldStyle Hair

Katy the “Biker Babe”

I’m a 30 year old woman that has been riding since 2013. I live in Salt Lake City. I previously lived and rode in Southern Florida. I was raised on the East Coast, and am fascinated with all there is to see out west. Riding allows me the freedom to explore. I am always looking for another adventure, another curvy road, another beautiful place to get lost in nature. I would love to spend my life travelling around the globe on two wheels! (I’d also love it if people realize that just because I am a woman, doesn’t mean that I belongs on the back of bike.)

Because I’m so short it’s hard to find a motorcycle. My first bike had to be lowered 3″;  was a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard M50 named Bubba.  He ran pretty well until he suddenly ran out of oil and died on the freeway. Bubba deserved a much more sleek name like Slade or Caden or Kyler, but my bikes, choose thier names.

After Bubba died, I spent sometime lamenting my loss. But eventually went out and bought a new bike. Brighton is a 2015 Yamaha Bolt, I bought him brand new with 0 miles in February 2016, and by November we had traveled over 10,000 miles.

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