Ride Routes

~Sweet Rides~

(Click the title to see a map of the ride)

Midway, Cascade Springs, Guardsman Pass, Park City

This ride is awesome, full of twists and turns, but BEWARE Pine Canyon road is an unmaintained road, when I rode it, it wasn’t too bad, only some rough spots. I’d love to ride this again and would love a companion, let me know if you’re up for it! I love this ride because of the scenery and the proximity to some really cool little towns.

Monte Cristo to Mirror Lake

This one is a long ride, but both rides are amazing. You can do each one individually but you’d have to turn around and come back the way you came in. I’ve done most of Mirror Lake and all of Monte Cristo. Mirror Lake Highway is the highest paved road in Utah. It can get a little crowded in the summer, but after Labor Day (and before it closes) is supposed to be perfect, that’s also about the time the leaves are turning! When you do this ride, you can stop and stay in Evanston, or camp along Mirror Lake (if you’ve never camped in the Uintas… you should).

Monte Cristo, Bear Lake, and Logan Canyon

Another long ride, but worth it basically if you’re heading up Monte Cristo, expect to be gone for the day. This ride provides a nice, pretty and curvy route to get to Bear Lake. Be sure to check the weather, since your crossing over the mountains, and of course it’s ideal to spend some time in the town surrounding Bear Lake. Be sure to grab a milkshake and some lunch before heading back down Logan canyon.

Emigration, East and Ogden Canyons

Three fun and curvy canyons. If you like to go hiking there are plenty of them along this route. I have built in a pit stop to Kelly’s Roadhouse, a fun little place for bikers, or you can also stop at the Shooting Star , the oldest bar in Utah. Be sure to bring a camera for the views in East, and the waterfall in Ogden Canyon. Also make sure you fill up before heading out and if necessary in Morgan; gas stations are few and far between.

Weber, East to Emigration Canyons

This is basically the route I took for this post. Similar to the previous ride, but riding through Weber on I-84 as opposed to Ogden. Also a great route if you are short on time or want to see Devil’s Slide (I highly recommend it). There is a pull off on either side of the highway to take photos of the slide, but I recommend pulling off on the east side for the best photo ops. Also be sure everything is secure when you ride off, because your pulling right onto the highway.

Provo Canyon, Jordanelle Reservoir

This was the ride I went on for the International Woman Rider Day. I really enjoyed it! Heber is a fun town to explore and the views of the Jordanelle are great. You ride out there and swim to cool off before heading back. This particular route circles the reservoir, but if you would like some more riding time, and nice canyon curves, you can also go through Oakely.


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